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Lookup user profile

The Lookup user profile Sharepoint Designer Activity allows a user of the designer to lookup and act on information stored in the MOSS profile. It does not rely on the sites information but instead loads from The first release of the project will contain a single Activity for use in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer that enables the ability to lookup information on a users MOSS profile. Any property that is sync'ed from Active Directory should be able to be loaded.

Default MOSS Properties

This page lists all of the default user profile properties. Profile properties can be mapped to Active Directory or LDAP compliant directory services. Profile properties can also be mapped to Application Entity Fields exposed by the Business Data Catalog.


Property Name Property Type Mapped Attribute Multivalue
Id unique identifier
SID binary object SID
Active Directory Id binary object Guid
Account name Person <Specific to connection>
First name string givenName
Last name string sn
Name string displayName
Work phone string telephoneNumber
Office string physicalDeliveryOfficeName
Department string department
Title string title
Manager Person manager
About me HTML
Personal site URL
Picture URL
User name string samAccountName
Quick links string
Web site URL
Public site redirect URL wWWHomePage
Dotted-line Manager Person
Peers string
Responsibilities string Check.gif
Skills string Check.gif
Past projects string Check.gif
Interests string Check.gif
Schools string Check.gif
SIP Address string msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress
Birthday date no year
My Site Upgrade boolean
Don't Suggest List string Check.gif
Proxy addresses string proxyAddresses Check.gif
Hire date date
Last Colleague Added date
Outlook Web Access URL URL
Resource Forest SID binary
Resource Forest Account Name Person
Master Account Name Person msDS-SourceObjectDN

Contact Information

Property Name Property Type Mapped Attribute Multivalue
Assistant Person
Work e-mail E-mail mail
Mobile phone string
Fax string
Home phone string

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